Transmission Products

gear bkgd

We produce world-class gears utilizing a number of manufacturing processes such as:

  • Gear Grinding
  • Polish Grinding
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Gear Shaping
  • Helical Broaching
  • Honing
  • ID/OD Grinding
  • Load Monitored Pressing
  • Hard Turning

Given our vast turning, cylindrical grinding, polishing and gear expertise, we’re able to manufacture the most demanding shaft designs.


Large envelope milling equipment, along with the flexibility of palletized part handling, allow us to be competitive in a variety of transmission related housings. Flexibility within our pallet pool system results in our ability to be competitive no matter what the volume or variant.

transmission differentials

We produce over 1.5 million differential cases annually for customers around the world. Our manufacturing processes are proven capable to meet the tightest of tolerances. Proprietary tooling and equipment designs have been developed with years of experience and continuous improvement.


Part designs for hybrid/electric powertrain components have extremely demanding dimensional tolerances and reduced NVH requirements. Without the normal engine noise from a vehicle to mask a systems noise signature, the tolerances for powertrain components of a hybrid/electric vehicle can typically be cut in half in order to maintain a driver’s noise preference. We have extensive experience in developing processes to reduce the noise signature of a component, as well as the ability to test a noise signature at the component level.

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