Precision Machining & Assembly

Founded in 1982, Systrand is a leading global manufacturer of precision transmission, engine and drivetrain products.



Fully automated CNC processes allow us to provide repeatable quality to support your finished dimensions. We utilize automation, auto-compensation with inline gauging and proven SPC controls to provide the most stable operations to ensure the highest quality standards.


Our current portfolio of CNC machines include 4-Axis, 5-Axis, horizontal, vertical, and specialty part-specific machining centers. So, no matter what your machining requirements, you can be confident that we have the equipment and expertise to support your needs.

broach gear

We broach a variety of products and materials, such as internal helical gears for customers on our internal helical CNC controlled broaching equipment. Thanks to our gear expertise, the integration of additional features on customer ring/annulus gears, such as an external park gears, is easily achieved.

honing capabilities - gears

When our customers demand critical dimensional and surface finish requirements, we call upon our experience in bore honing to meet the most stringent specifications. Our specialized honing equipment focuses on both low and high volume applications.

cylinder grinding

Outside and Inside Diameters often have specific dimensional and surface finish requirements that require ID/OD grinding equipment. We have a wide range of equipment to perform these critical component characteristics.

Gear Grinding Reishauer

We have a broad spectrum of experience and expertise in manufacturing the most demanding gears. We utilize a variety of techniques to produce world-class gears including Gear Hobbing, Gear Shaping, Gear Grinding, Polish Grinding, Power Honing, and many other processes to meet today’s most demanding quality requirements.


Our customers not only require high precision machined components, but also the capabilities to provide sub-assembly solutions. We provide a variety of solutions for sub-assembly and maintain the proper testing to ensure that a “drop-in” sub-assembly meets the requirements of our customers.

specialty machining - gears

Over the past four decades, we’ve been asked to meet a variety of specialty machining requirements. Thinking outside the box to meet customer needs is our specialty. And finding a high quality and competitive process is always our goal.

klingInburg parts testing

We utilize a variety of methods for testing a wide array of components. Our testing processes include leak testing, functional testing, flow testing, periodic destructive testing, dimensional testing, NVH Gear testing and more.