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Supplying Shafts, Gears, and Assemblies for E-Axles

The electric axle (e-axle) is critical to making e-mobility a reality. Tightly integrating the electric axle and electric motor, and improving the electric axle itself through better manufacturing, allows you to squeeze more performance from existing battery technology. But that can pose significant challenges. The e-axle needs to be flexible and durable, reduce vehicle cost, increase energy efficiency, decrease (or eliminate) emissions, and improve performance—all while minimizing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

It’s a complex balancing act.

Systrand is here to help you find that balance. Over the last four decades we have steadily invested in proven production quality systems that proactively identify failure modes on single gears or in gear systems. We can track down NVH issues that previously could not be detected prior to assembly. Our component-level testing simulates the NVH levels that an individual helical gears and spur gears will experience at the system level. Simulated loads are used to mimic the stresses placed on an individual gear, and a noise signature is created for that gear. By evaluating and tracking anomalies in this noise signature, we can isolate an issue before a part is shipped to the customer.

Furthermore, this noise signature data is stored in a database linked to a unique laser-marked serial number. If a disruption later arises due to a known noise signature, we can trace which serial numbers share that same noise signature. OEMs can then rapidly diagnose and contain any potential issues.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Components Designed for Manufacturability

For more than 40 years, Systrand has been dedicated to precision machining and manufacturing. Over the course of the last decade, we’ve increasingly focused on high-precision, high-performance gears and shafts, reliably delivering higher quality and ever lower NVH levels. Systrand was among the first U.S. organizations to supply high-precision gears for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Today, we have more than one million hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV/EV) gears, shafts, and other components in the field.

At Systrand we live and breathe the NVH standards and requirements. We have proven processes in place, assuring our gears and other e-powertrain components will perform to these high standards. That includes an advanced 100% noise signature analysis on all NVH critical components, capable of isolating “ghost order” noise and other extremely subtle sources of vibration energy.

Systrand can make such assurances because we’ve continually invested and reinvested in the equipment, capacity, and talent it takes to keep quality central to our operation. This includes advanced data collection units, gauging, and performance-enhancing Zeiss CMMs. Built into our process is continuous data gathering and trend analyses, which is, in turn, used to constantly improve our processes and products.

Our Commitment to Quality

“Quality” isn’t just something for the Quality Department to worry about. It’s a commitment threaded through every office and workstation. At Systrand, we are a tier 1 supplier with IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certifications. Our quality systems, processes, and entire organization are committed to ensuring quality for our customers.

Over four decades, we’ve invested and reinvested in the tools and talent that are vital to our customers’ success. That includes a world class operating system of monitored performance and a structured approach to problem solving proven to ensure reliable manufacturing.

These are metrics/results driven systems, built on Lean Manufacturing principles and Six Sigma methodology, and take into account activity-based costing and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while maintaining low- to zero PPM. Those systems form a foundation from which we can pursue continuous improvements and cost savings for our customers.