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Precision Gear Manufacturing

high precision gear manufacturing by systrand high precision gear manufacturing by systrand

Excellence, Every Step of the Way

Advanced gear manufacturing happens when experienced people, the industry’s most advanced equipment, and structured manufacturing processes are brought together in one organization. Because that’s exactly what we’ve done at Systrand, we meet the most stringent design requirements without tradeoffs in quality, capability, or timing.

Our approach is grounded in data analysis, with continuous monitoring in place to confirm that our gear manufacturing processes are precise, accurate, and repeatable. We have partnered with leading global machine tool manufacturers to develop cutting edge technology, including the world’s first market-ready solution for high-accuracy internal gear hard skiving (including helical gears), that enables us to manufacture high-quality custom internal helical gears at production volumes.

“Ford’s annual World Excellence Awards recognize our top-performing suppliers for their contributions to our success. Congratulations to Systrand for being a recipient of this coveted award. Thank you for all that you do in support of Ford Motor Company.”

Hau Thai-Tang, Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer, Ford Motor Company

Capabilities to Meet Challenging Gear Design

We have automated CNC equipment capable of broaching both helical gears and internal splines. We have the capability to provide: high surface finish accuracy, ideal for forming internal gears, circular and non-circular holes, splines, keyways, and helicals. We can manufacture complex close tolerance internal configurations for “ultra quiet” transmissions, gearboxes, and electrified powertrain systems. And we have steadily invested in proven production quality systems that proactively identify failure modes on single gears or in gear systems.

We’ve built our entire manufacturing process around meeting the demands of challenging gear designs. We don’t just deliver precision and accuracy: we deliver high-performance, close tolerance gears, meeting the tightest specifications and critical dimensional/surface finish requirements. As a result, Systrand components can assist system optimization with reduced friction and lower energy losses—contributing to optimal efficiency and durability, and higher performance drivelines. Systrand keeps your schedule, cost effectively, at a production scale.

Designing Precision Gears for Manufacturability

Since 1982, Systrand has specialized in precision machining. Over the course of the last 40 years high-performance gears and gear testing have become increasingly important to the automotive industry—and to us. For the last decade, we’ve lived and breathed the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) standards and requirements. We were among the first U.S. manufacturers to supply high-precision hybrid and electric (HEV/EV) gears. Today, we have millions of hybrid and electric vehicle components in the field.

More importantly, we have the resources and processes in place to ensure that our gears perform to ever higher standards. Those processes include an advanced 100% noise signature analysis on all NVH critical components, capable of isolating ghost order noise and other extremely subtle sources of unwanted vibration.

Our production and engineering teams benefit from the latest CAD/CAM software; modern, flexible, and scalable CNC-based machines; and performance-accelerating Zeiss coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs). Our internal tool room department can expedite any part-specific machining work we need to compress timing. In our metrics and results driven production environment, we can include an advanced 100% noise signature analysis on critical components, capable of isolating ghost order noise and other extremely subtle sources of unwanted vibration.