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Finished Components & Assembly

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Your “One Stop” Finished Component and Assembly Supplier

The world wants quieter, durable, efficient vehicles. That means auto manufacturers need increasingly high-precision machined components delivered fully finished and ready-to-install or assembled and delivered as a completed module. This approach doesn’t just save time and reduces costs and complexity at the OEM level: it also delivers quieter gearboxes, more reliable drivelines, and a better vehicle overall.

Our engineering team stands ready to manufacture what you need, including taking on some of the assembly process, in order to find the most cost-effective manufacturing methods that meet your design objectives.

Our current portfolio of CNC machines include 4-Axis, 5-Axis, horizontal, vertical, and specialty part-specific machining centers and finishing machines. We’ve also invested heavily in advanced data collection units and CMMs. Continuous data gathering and trend analysis is built into our process. We constantly improve our processes and products, allowing us to rapidly and reliably develop solutions, confident that our “drop-in” sub-assembly will meet your requirements.

Systrand can make this assurance because we’ve continually invested and reinvested in the equipment, capacity, and talent it takes to keep quality central to our operation.

Finished Components & Assembly Design for Manufacturability

In the current manufacturing environment, OEMs need to balance cost, performance, and downstream manufacturability. Unfortunately, few OEMs have all of the resources they need in order to control all aspects of their manufacturing process. They have excellent engineers and designers, as well as the most advanced design tools. But these teams rarely have hands-on experience in manufacturing. That can translate into missed opportunities.

Systrand’s design assistance fills that gap. We are here to optimize your components or subassemblies and deliver the most value from each part.

Owing to our background in high-precision, high-volume gear manufacturing, we can meet extremely demanding schedules. We live and breathe the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) standards and requirements, and have a set of proven processes to be sure our finished components and assemblies will perform to high standards. (When necessary, that can include component-level noise signature analysis capable of isolating “ghost order” noise and other extremely subtle sources of vibration energy.)

Our Commitment to Quality

“Quality” isn’t just something for the Quality Department to worry about. It’s a commitment threaded through every office and workstation. At Systrand, we are a tier 1 supplier with IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certifications. Our quality systems, processes, and entire organization are committed to ensuring quality for our customers.

Over four decades, we’ve invested and reinvested in the tools and talent that are vital to our customers’ success. That includes a world class operating system of monitored performance and a structured approach to problem solving proven to ensure reliable manufacturing.

These are metrics/results driven systems, built on Lean Manufacturing principles and Six Sigma methodology, and take into account activity-based costing and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while maintaining low- to zero PPM. Those systems form a foundation from which we can pursue continuous improvements and cost savings for our customers.