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Turning, Milling, Drilling

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High Precision CNC Turning and Milling

Over the past four decades, Systrand has earned an industry-wide reputation for high-quality and reliable precision manufacturing. This began with our early commitment to high-precision, flexible CNC machinery and rapid launch/emergency sourcing—areas we were drawn to because they demand discipline and focus.

We then made a commitment to continually invest and reinvest—not just in CNC milling and turning centers and cutting tools, but also in the manufacturing and engineering talent it takes to get the most out of those tools. Over the years, we’ve been asked to meet a variety of specialty machining requirements. In every case, we’ve been able to draw on our teams’ talent, experience, and capacity to think outside the box in order to find a high-quality, competitive process to meet our customers’ goals.

No matter what your machining requirements, you can be confident that we have the equipment and expertise to support your needs. We rely on automation and auto-compensation with inline gauging and proven SPC controls to provide the most stable operations and ensure the highest quality standards. Fully automated CNC processes allow us to provide repeatable quality to support your finished dimensions.

Our current portfolio of CNC machines and lathes include 4-Axis, 5-Axis, horizontal, vertical, and specialty part-specific cutting tools and machining centers. We’ve also incorporated advanced data collection units and performance-enhancing Zeiss CMMs in our process. These data analysis capabilities allow us to come up to speed quickly and stay ahead of any issues that could arise.

Design for Manufacturability Support

Now, more than ever, manufacturers need to carefully balance cost and performance demands. Systrand is uniquely suited to help. We live and breathe the NVH standards and requirements—and have proven machining processes in place to assure that every workpiece meets your high standards.

Most importantly, Systrand isn’t limited to “manufacture-to-print” relationships, churning out whatever design we’re sent. We’re deeply invested in a completely collaborative process that results in components that are easier to manufacture and result in a better vehicle at a lower cost.

Our in-house team of manufacturing engineers has decades of experience. When appropriate, they work collaboratively with customers to optimize designs for manufacturability and overall performance. This can be as simple as making a few adjustments that remove weight, reduce complexity, or take better advantage of a given manufacturing process.

Our Commitment to Quality

“Quality” isn’t just something for the Quality Department to worry about. It’s a commitment threaded through every office and workstation. At Systrand, we are a tier 1 supplier with IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certifications. Our quality systems, processes, and entire organization are committed to ensuring quality for our customers.

Over four decades, we’ve invested and reinvested in the tools and talent that are vital to our customers’ success. That includes a world class operating system of monitored performance and a structured approach to problem solving proven to ensure reliable manufacturing.

These are metrics/results driven systems, built on Lean Manufacturing principles and Six Sigma methodology, and take into account activity-based costing and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while maintaining low- to zero PPM. Those systems form a foundation from which we can pursue continuous improvements and cost savings for our customers.