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Gear Grinding & Polishing

gear grinding services by Systrand gear grinding services by Systrand

High Precision Gear Grinding

Some complex gear designs demand more than just precision and accuracy. High-performance, low-tolerance gears also need a high-precision grinding finish. We’ve built our entire process around meeting the demands of these challenging designs.

At Systrand, we understand how each manufacturing operation can be influenced by the previous operations. This is vital to reliably manufacturing to extremely low tolerances. We can tightly control all of the processes and factors that lead into gear grinding and polishing—including low-distortion heat treatment development.

By employing our in-house expertise, along with the industry’s most advanced equipment, Sytrand is prepared to meet your design requirements without any tradeoffs in quality or capability. Our gear grinding services offer customers the simultaneous benefits of high material removal rates, superior surface finishes, and precise gear geometry. Systrand can add fine grind and polish grind operations to any gear designs. These greatly improve gear tooth surface finish. That results in improved efficiency, reduced friction of mating gears, lower energy losses, and increased bearing ratio of gear flanks. This all contributes to optimal gear system efficiency and durability.

Optimizing Gears for Manufacturability

Gear designers are not gear manufacturers—and shouldn’t have to be. A good gear manufacturer knows that, in the real world, a gear can match the specification well within threshold tolerance and still contribute to noise, vibration, or other issues.

For the last decade we’ve lived and breathed the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) standards and requirements. We were among the first U.S. manufacturers to supply high-precision hybrid and electric (HEV/EV) gears.

Today we have millions of hybrid and electric vehicle components in the field. More importantly, we have the tools and processes in place to ensure that our gears perform to ever higher standards. Those processes include an advanced 100% noise signature analysis on NVH critical components, capable of isolating ghost order noise and other extremely subtle sources of unwanted vibration.

Our Commitment to Quality

“Quality” isn’t just something for the Quality Department to worry about. It’s a commitment threaded through every office and workstation. At Systrand, we are a tier 1 supplier with IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certifications. Our quality systems, processes, and entire organization are committed to ensuring quality for our customers.

Over four decades, we’ve invested and reinvested in the tools and talent that are vital to our customers’ success. That includes a world class operating system of monitored performance and a structured approach to problem solving proven to ensure reliable manufacturing.

These are metrics/results driven systems, built on Lean Manufacturing principles and Six Sigma methodology, and take into account activity-based costing and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) while maintaining low- to zero PPM. Those systems form a foundation from which we can pursue continuous improvements and cost savings for our customers.