Emergency Sourcing and High-Speed, Short-Timeline Launch for Automotive Manufacturers

Systrand was founded as an emergency supplier to the automotive industry. Over the years, we’ve maintained and expanded our internal capabilities, so that we can react quickly to the most challenging program and launch demands. Whether it’s a last-minute design change or an emergency resourcing need, we can meet even the most aggressive customer launch schedules.

If your supplier is failing to perform, causing quality issues, in financial distress, or simply not a reliable partner, Systrand can help. We can solve your problem more quickly and put in place a more stable long-term solution—one that is built around a robust process with the necessary monitoring to prevent further issues from arising.

A Lifetime Dedication to Quality, Manufacturability, and Responsiveness

Reliable manufacturing builds off of experience. It’s not as simple as buying the equipment and manufacturing to print. We’ve been in high-volume precision manufacturing and design assist/emergency sourcing for more than 40 years. We know how to take an existing challenge our customer is facing and work with them to find new solutions. This collaborative process can reduce direct costs, shrink timelines, simplify assembly, improve durability, and help eliminate the issues a customer has been experiencing with a high-risk supplier.

Since 1982, Systrand has specialized in precision machining and emergency sourcing. In that time we’ve produced millions of hubs, flanges, gears, shafts, housings, and other components. Our manufacturing processes, proprietary tooling, and in-house talent have proven capable of reliably producing high-quality custom components at production volumes, while meeting the tightest of tolerances and timelines.

Our approach is grounded in data analysis, with continuous monitoring in place to confirm that our manufacturing processes are precise, accurate, and repeatable. But more importantly, we have the tools and processes in place to ensure that our components and assemblies perform to ever higher standards while still respecting your timeline. Our production and design teams benefit from the latest CAD/CAM software; 3D modeling; modern, flexible, and scalable CNC-based machines; and performance-accelerating Zeiss coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs). Our internal tool room department can expedite any part-specific machining work we need to compress timing.

With Systrand you can be confident your components will meet your design, durability, and performance specifications, while balancing them against the realities imposed by cost constraints and timelines.