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High Volume, High Precision Plug-in and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Parts

Increasing electric vehicle adoption has fundamentally changed the entire auto industry—not just the hybrid and electric vehicle/EV market. Carmakers and vehicles are held to increasingly high standards. Most of the talk focuses on electric motors, charging systems, regenerative brakes, and batteries. But it’s the core components—gears, differentials, shafts, housings, and so on—that are truly fundamental to building the electric cars (or any vehicles) that can meet and exceed auto buyers’ new expectations.

“Ford’s annual World Excellence Awards recognize our top-performing suppliers for their contributions to our success. Congratulations to Systrand for being a recipient of this coveted award. Thank you for all that you do in support of Ford Motor Company.”

Hau Thai-Tang, Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer, Ford Motor Company

Delivering High Performance Components for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) promise better performance, higher efficiency, low (or no) emissions, and improved fuel economy—with lower maintenance, a quieter engine, and a smoother ride.

That’s a tall order.

Delivering on the hybrid and electric vehicle promise means making a better powertrain. Every gear in the gearbox, every transmission component, each spline on every shaft and each tooth on each gear must be crafted with ever greater attention to tolerances, surface details, and finish. Suppliers must do more than just meet the OEM’s specifications. They need to exceed the automotive manufacturer’s expectations.

Systrand has a demonstrated track record of doing just that. Since 1982 Systrand has specialized in precision machining. Today we’re known for reliably delivering high-volume, high-performance gears, shafts, and other components. We were among the first U.S. organizations to supply high-precision gears for hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EVs), and now have millions of HEV/EV gears in the field. That isn’t just because we are a reliable supplier. We’ve also invested in the engineering talent so that we can help our customers rework a good design into one that is optimized for manufacturability as well as performance.

Ensuring Component Quality

Our entire organization is committed to ensuring quality for our customers. Over four decades, we’ve invested and reinvested in the tools and talent vital to our customers’ success. This includes advanced data collection systems, gauging solutions, and redundant Zeiss CMMs. We continuously gather data and develop trend analysis that our internal engineering team then uses to continuously improve our processes and products.

NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) are at the heart of HEV/EV performance. At Systrand, we live and breathe these standards and requirements. Our processes include an advanced 100% noise signature analysis on all NVH critical components, capable of isolating extremely subtle sources of vibration energy.

Lots of suppliers are eager to jump into the electric vehicle components market. We’re already here.